WhyChooseFIC._img1.gif Why Choose FIC?
FIRM software
  • Reduces forecast errors – Does not use trial and error method to find best model.
  • Increases profits – Optimize your inventory investment and service level.
  • Is easy to use  – Installs in minutes, implement in less than a day.
  • Is available for free trial –  Test FIRM on your site for one or more months.
Today many companies invest large sums of money in an ERP package or other complete set of systems to automate the transactions processing and information requirements for all areas (Manufacturing, Finance, Sales and Marketing,  Distribution, Purchasing….)  of their business.  Unfortunately, these packages generally include a basic and academic forecasting and inventory replenishment module to round out their offerings. In contrast, FIC’s sole focus and expertise is in the development of forecasting and inventory replenishment systems.
After 20 years of developing  customized forecasting and inventory control systems for multiple industries, the principals at FIC set out on a mission to design and develop advanced decision support systems for forecasting and inventory management. Four design criteria were established.
  • Use sound, tried and proven mathematical and statistical techniques
  • Allow for many constraints and considerations learned through years of experience with various industries
  • Be applicable in various complex business environments
  • Install and implement easily on popular operating systems.
Today the FIRM system is FIC's forecasting and inventory management system that satisfies the above design criteria and that automatically generates good forecasts and makes intelligent replenishment decisions. FIRM systems free up valuable time for personnel to address exceptional problems or conditions that require manual attention.
Whether your business currently has a home grown or a commercial ERP or other package to run your business, FIC’s FIRM system can be easily integrated into your existing configuration.