Utilities_img1.gif Utilities
All FIRM routines operate on a set of data tables.  FIRM includes utilities for importing and exporting data via "comma- separated variable" format. Only tables relevant to the currently chosen routine are shown (screenshot).  Populating a data table is as simple as drag and drop.  You can control whether the table is overwritten, appended, or updated.  You can also edit text files within FIRM and automatically clean up anomalies such as spurious space characters and blank lines.  In addition:
  • An "alias manager" makes it possible to switch among any number of data sets with a couple of clicks.  Global parameters are stored with each dataset.
  • A complete set of dialog boxes (screenshot) makes it easy to set global parameters for all routines.
  • Two related routines, Updateohoo (update on hand and on order) and Updated25 (d25 = the month to date demand) may be used regularly to refresh the part-location data of on- hand, on-order and month-to-date demand.
  • The Graph utility allows the user to call for a plot on any part and location.  The utility graphs the 24 months of demand history and the corresponding 12 months of forecasts. The graph can be printed when needed.