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FIRM is now offered as a PC application coded in C++ and can be installed under all versions of Windows operating systems. The FIRM system consists of a main (required) routine and 10 optional routines. All routines employ statistical and mathematical algorithms to generate forecasts and inventory replenishment rules for parts and products held in inventory. 

Installation of FIRM is easy and is completed in minutes through the use of an install CD.  Implementation may be just as easy or may require more time and effort (1-2 person days) depending on the implementation method used. The main consideration is how to supply FIRM with the required input data.  At present the input data required for the FIRM algorithms are comma delimited (CSV) files that may contain demand and other specified inventory data for all parts.

Implementations Now Available
  • FIRM implemented as a stand alone system on a PC or PC network

In this method all input data required by FIRM exists on the PC or PC network where FIRM is installed.  The user simply prepares the input files from the existing data files, saves them as comma delimited (CSV) files and stores them in a directory where they are accessed by FIRM. 

  • FIRM implemented on a PC in Combination with a Main Computer system 

If FIRM is to be used on a PC in combination with an existing ERP system or other main application system that runs on a company's main computer then for all ERP applications, computer models, operating systems and databases the following implementation steps apply:

    • Write a program to prepare the FIRM input files from the ERP or main application database.
    • Download the FIRM input files from the main computer to the PC.
    • FIRM processes the input files generates all results and places them in an output file.
    • The output file is uploaded to the main computer.
    • Another user written program is needed to store the FIRM results in the designated areas of the main database.
Alternative Implementation Method
The LANSA software company has a development tool (LANSA) which can be used to develop an interface between FIRM and most all other ERP systems and databases. The LANSA generated interfaces eliminate the need for user written programs that generate FIRM input files and update the users database with the results from FIRM.
The following table can be used as a guide to the implementation methods described above.
Firm Implementation Method
ERP System
Main Computer
Operating System
Implementation Procedure
Stand alone Windows PC
Prepare FIRM input files from current data files
On a PC in combination with a main computer
Extract input file from DB and load to FIRM. Load FIRM output file on DB
On A PC with LANSA I/O Interface
As needed
Most ERP systems
Most computers
Most operating systems
Most databases
FIRM interfaces to  DB of ERP