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Resouces for further learning about FIRM software and forecasting.  To obtain copies of abstracted papers, please fill out this request.
  • FIC White Papers (view abstracts)
  • Articles by FIC principals(view abstracts)
    • Demands Along the Supply Chain: Independent or Dependent
    • Characteristics and Tables of the Partial Expectation of the Left Truncated Normal Distribution
    • Some Statistical Measures on the National, Distribution Center and Dealer Demands Along the Supply Chain
    • Optimal Order Quantity Assuming the Component Part Quantity is a Random Variable
    • The Population Shape and Size for Finished Good Items
    • Supplier Lateness, Service Level and Safety Time
    • FIRM Inventory Forecasting
  • Books
    • Applied Forecasting Methods by Nick T. Thomopoulos, Prentice Hall, 1980.
    • Strategic Inventory Management and Planning by Nick T. Thomopoulos, Hitchcock Publishing Company, 1990.
    • Humanism and Technology in Assembly Line Systems by Theodore O. Prenting, Nick T. Thomopoulos, Hayden Books, 1974