FIRMSoftware_img1.gif FIRM™ Software
The FIRM software consists of Forecast-Replenish and its associated routines Buy, Compare, Returns, Weekly, Cluster Buy, Transfer, Share, Allocate, Multi-Part Buy, Limit Buy, OPOL, and MPS.
Generates 12 months of forecasts.  Also generates forecasts for new parts.
Determines the best order quantity size, the appropriate safety stock, the order point and order level.
Determines whether month-to-date demands are consistent with the month 1 forecasts
Identifies parts and locations with excess inventory for return to supplier.
Converts 12 monthly forecasts into 52 weekly forecasts.
Determines when to buy and how much.
Determines the buy quantities by location for a multi-location user network.
For users with more than one location, determines the best mix of replenishment stock to apportion to each location.  
For users with more than one location, determines the best mix of stock to the locations from an incoming replenish quantity from a vendor.
For users with more than one location, seeks any location with low inventory and another with excess, and finds best transfer match among the locations if any.
Determines how much to buy by part and location when the vendor offers terms over a multiple of parts requiring a minimum quantity and target quantities for free freight and discount prices.
For a supplier cluster with a group of parts, ensures the total buy is within a limit constraint imposed by the management.
Finds the SKU replenish quantities when the SKUs are categorized by size, color, brand or model.
MPS (Master Production Scheduler) is a level loading tool for the plants that yields the master production  schedules across all part numbers whose total work load agrees with the plant desired load capability.