FAQs_img1.gif FAQs
  • Do I get source code with a purchase of FIRM software?
    Source code is not provided because FIRM modules, especially Forecast-Replenish are proprietary code.   FIC will place the source code for the modules purchased in an escrow account or make other provisions to access the source code. 
  • Can I buy separate FIRM modules and run them separately?
    is the only module that can be run independently.  Each of the other ten routines requires the results of Forecast-Replenish; these can be purchased as needed.
  • What do some of your customers say about the system?
    Our customers find the key results of FIRM exceptionally useful and beneficial.
  • How long can I use the system before making a decision to buy?
    FIC has been exceptionally generous in
    trial periods and has allowed free use of a complete  system well beyond standard or popular test periods. 
  • Can I send my data to you to test run on the system?
    Data files can be e-mailed to FIC in an excel spread sheet and the results will be sent back to the prospective customer.
  • Do you allow downloads of the FIRM software from the website?
    The firm code cannot be downloaded at the present time and there is currently no plans to allow this due to the proprietary nature of the code.  We are planning to have the system available on the internet through an ASP on a "pay-  as-you-use" basis or to allow trial use directly over the Internet.